Monday, April 12, 2010

So what does Chilli Want? PLUS party with her TONIGHT at the Gold Room!

Chilli at her Atlanta private viewing
Party with Chilli

Ok so who watched the show last night?? Will Chilli REALLY find love?
Will Tionna (love coach) hurt someone with those tigobitties?
And what's wrong with a little pork chop in your life?

Well the member of the famed pop group TLC is attempting to do so in a new VH1 reality show (answers to the other posed questions explored at an unknown date. just stay TUNED!). She explores dating men with the help of a sassy NY dating coach, Tionna Smalls in order to possibly find, "the one". It's smart the coach is there because ya girl is picky. No not just picky, as in, he needs to be tall, nice teeth, and working, NO. I'm talking about PICKY all the way down to what he will or won't eat. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN. Well good luck. And i don't say that in a sarcastic way. I think it's good to have a list of desires you want in a mate. HOWEVER be flexible. AND be willing to work on YOU. There is no perfection. Which is good because it keeps life interesting (And allows counselors to stay employed and get paid. *wink*).

So that poses a question, are women in general too picky? Hmm. Many men would shout a loud, "YES!" however boys, i have encountered quite a few VERY picky guys in my day. I'm talking about the ones that want what they can't even provide or want a "bad chick" but they just all together look BAD! SMH. Anyway i had the opportunity to attend the private viewing for the new show a few days ago here in Atlanta at Straits restaurant and i promise, the entire room was laughing! So if you missed it last night, catch Chilli's fun show, "What Chilli Wants" on VH1 Sunday nights! Good TV. Social Addiction APPROVED!

Thanks to Christal Jordan of Enchanted PR for the invite. Such great PR! She goes hard for Chilli!

Social Addict


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