Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Soul Train stops in Atlanta

Natori Naughton of "Fame" & "Notorious" (Currently filming "Lottery Ticket in ATL Herdon Homes)
Kiara Akita (Filming "Between Love & a Hard Place" next month) Look for our interview next week!
Tyler Perry's "House of Payne"
This is some SERIOUS all natural skin care. Wonderful scents! (Skincare by Feleciai)
The Odelia wine, i got one for myself...tastes like grapes fresh off the vine. INCREDIBLE! (South African company, 7 Sisters)

Soul Train Tuesday popped off with Prominence PR's premiere gifting suite. Incredible vendors and some celebrity eye candy walked through the building at Room Servic Lounge, to get a load of the goodies like: Wine, cigars, clothing and skin products. I got some cool schwag myself. Woohoo! Thanks to Keisha McCotry.
Debra Lee (BET), Ludacris & the beautiful Toni Braxton
Kandi, Trey, Rashida, Toya
Estelle. I hear she likes "America Boys"...
Straits, midtown ATL location. Great food, drinks & it's HUGE.

Uptown had a party, Joia (i drove by for a minute, Lyfe Jennings & Tameka Foster-Raymond were there) had a party but aint no party like a Ludacris party obviously, because many of the Soul Train celebrity participants headed over to his restaurant Straits to end the night right into the next day. I arrived late because my company (http://www.nuanceworldmedia/) is involved in a movie casting (check the website for more details!) But even by the time i got there it was still packed from wall to wall. People with SOUL sure know how to party! Do you got soul?

I must say that this year Soul Train awards TRUMPED BET's. Hmmm. Well, let the games begin...


Social Addiction (Quite the addicting night) and


  1. I like Kandi's outfit. She always dresses fly!

  2. Kalisa's WorldNovember 5, 2009 at 2:45 PM

    I would have loved to get me some gifts. LOL! And stop by Straits. I've been one time. I heard Terrance Howard was there too. That's my future baby daddy yall! LOL!!

  3. Nice parties.
    I'm looking for some natural skin care. I wonder if that place is Atlanta based. About to check them out!

  4. The Man Right-ChereNovember 5, 2009 at 3:36 PM

    Toni Braxton's still fine as HELL! Tell her man to keep her on lock and stop letting her kiss Trey Songz. That mess aint cute

  5. I agree Toni never ages! I saw that pic with Trey. Hot mess! But i'd kiss him too. LOL!

    Estelle has nice make-up

    Luda can always ALWAYS get it! (whispers) "call me."

  6. I don't know if Soul Train trumped BET or not. Maybe right doe! All i know is my woman couldn't do like Toni did her husband. In the name of fun or music. NOPE!

  7. All just fun! Let that lady live. Haha! I like the pictures. I want to party too!


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